Economic Education Updates

History Day 2015

The San Diego Center for Economics Education continues its support of History Day through the recognition of economics themes in students projects. The following students were given awards for their outstanding work.

Junior Individual Website
George Fratian, Mesa Verde Middle School,
Project: “Hitler’s Left-hand General: Erwin Rommel”
Prize: $50

Junior Group Exhibit
Alexis Dominguez and Gabrielle Magers.  Oak Grove Middle School
Project: “George Washington: A Legacy of War, Presidency & Prosperity’
Prize: $50

Junior Group Documentary
Eleanor Hansen, Amanda Wasserman, Anika Heidt and Cleo Chaplin. Francis Parker School
Project: “Dual Visions of a Revolution: Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and the Leadership of the Cuban Revolution”
Prize: $100

Senior Group Exhibit
Olivia Ghosh, Pedro Gallardo, Soren Hansen, Robert Brownlie and Zach Bernstein. Francis Parker School,
Project: “Ho Chi Minh”
Prize: $250