Our Vision:

A state of Californians who have the knowledge, understanding and skills to make informed economic decisions.

Our Mission:

To advance the economic literacy of the people of California through economic-based programs targeted at teachers and students of Kindergarten throug 12th grade, educating them about the fundamentals of te economy and instilling in them an economic way of thinking and problem solving prudent to their participation in a global economy.


  • identifying quality resources for educators in San Diego County
  • providing continuing support for teachers, including training, development and dissemination of teaching resources in order to meet established standards in economics
  • creating incentives and recognition for students and teachers who demonstrate superior performance in economics
  • collaborating with other organizations that are also educating and inspiring students to successfully participate in a free market system
  • encouraging the implementation of economic-based lessons throughout the curriculum, ensuring that all elementary and secondary students can understand and apply economic principles.