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JA Stock Market Challenge

Hello supporters of Economic Education!

Junior Achievement is PROUD to present a new event and student competition!

JA Stock Market Challenge will be a FUN and exciting event for students to experience a fast paced simulation of 90 days of trading.

Join us! Space is limited and team registration deadline is fast approaching.

The event is at NO COST to teachers and students.

Preparatory curriculum is provided for optional use.

Adult competition will take place the same evening. If you are interested in participating in the adult event please feel free to reach out for additional information.

Resources for Teaching Economic and Financial Literacy in Light of the Great Recession

From Social Education: Teaching About Money and the Fed

By Mary C. Suiter and Scott A. Wolla

Think back 10 years to the spring of 2005. The unemployment rate, which had peaked at 6.3 percent in the aftermath of the 2001 recession, had settled back to 5.2 percent in March (2005). The stock market tech bubble had burst in 2000, derailing the market rally that had begun in the 1990s, but the market had roared back to life by 2005. Housing prices were rising, and people were leveraging their growing home equity to fund new waves of consumer spending. The graduating class of 2005 had experienced one relatively shallow recession during their school experience. Times were good.

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Economics of California Drought (SDCOE Social Studies Mini-Conference)

California is in the fourth year of severe drought. NASA predicts that all of California’s stored water will be depleted by the end of next year. Yet Californians seem to be dealing with the water emergency by hoping and praying for rain.

Common Core lessons on the California drought:

  1. Economics of California Drought (PowerPoint | Google Slides)
  2. The Economics of California’s Drought (article)
  3. A Modern Day Dust Bowl (article)
  4. California’s Drought Transforms Global Food Market (article)
  5. Drought Questions
  6. California Drought Web Links