Grade 1 Standards

Grade 1: I live in an economy.

First grade further develops both work and choice, while introducing goods and services, exchange, money and markets.

1.4 Students compare and contrast everyday life in different times and places around the world and recognize that some aspects of people, places, and things change over time while others stay the same:

Section 3. Recognize similarities and differences of earlier generations in such areas as work (inside and outside the home), dress, manners, stories, games, and festivals, drawing from biographies, oral histories, and folklore.

1.6 Students understand basic economic concepts and the role of individual choice in a free-market economy:

Section 1. Understand the concept of exchange and the use of money to purchase goods and services. Section 2. Identify the specialized work that people do to manufacture, transport, and market goods and services and the contributions of those who work in the home.